Jun 02

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A First Class Image for a Professional Speaker

Before After

Nhat Pham is a professional speaker and workshop presenter. His specialty is I.T. so he thought it wasn’t necessary to wear a suit when he was networking. “All my clients dress casual,” he said. “Don’t you think it might put them off if I wear a suit?” By the end of the workshop at 1pm, Nhat had changed his mind.

A few days later, Nhat reported, “I feel great this week! I’ve been “amping it up” a bit with the way I dress particularly today. I was at a retail merchant’s Friday Forum. The people there knew me and came up to me with a ton of compliments about how sharp I looked and how strong I look. It made a big difference!

“The people who don’t know me even came up to me and engaged me more so than usual. I was one of the few people who was dressed to a “T” or dressed to impress. I agree with you now, Business Casual is Business Casualty! I’m going to be dressing to impress on a regular basis! Thanks Sandy!

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