Jul 04

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A Study in Line

ElizRodriguezThis beautiful actress has done everything wrong with “line” that is possible.

First, the neckline makes it appear as if her bust line is sagging and too low. It also makes her bosom look nearly flat.

She is definitely longer in the torso than in the legs, and the neckline of her dress exaggerates this. It’s the wide portion of the drape that brings the eye down and distorts her figure.

Secondly, when will designers learn that skin-tight garments made of satin are difficult to wear? They generally make the tummy look prominent and bulges emerge from everywhere. Also any undergarments or body shapers will be noticed.

Third, the style and color of her shoes are both wrong. Shoes that are close to the color of the dress would work better. The black shoes are out of sync and cause the eye to drop down to the feet. A silvery sandal without the ankle strap would be better. The ankle strap eats up most of her lower leg, so it makes her very short legs look even shorter.

Lastly, the line of her hair is too messy for a cocktail dress. It looks scraggly – like it dried in the car on the way to the event.

Luckily she has a beautiful face!


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