Sep 29

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Ann Romney: Bright Cool Colors are Better

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont discusses Ann Romney's Color Choices

Ann Romney: Better in Bolds!

Ann Romney looks ravishing in red! But It’s time she realized she can’t wear a full spectrum of colors, even though she may like them all. We all love colors that don’t love us back in the mirror. Ann needs to put herself in the hands of a very good image consultant. And not one who thinks she is a Spring just because she has golden blonde hair.

The dress on the left is far too drab. It’ also too busy and makes her look nearly two sizes larger. Ann needs to stick to solids. They are more sophisticated and also more slimming. She might also wish to wear bolder colors like fuchsia, magenta, royal purple and royal blue.

Orange may be zesty, but red is regal!


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