Oct 02

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Ann Romney

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont discusses Ann Romney's color and style choices

Ann Romney, Beautiful in Bold Blue

Ann Romney is a very beautiful woman, with a wholesome, all-American look. When she is in the right colors and styes, she takes your breath away. When she’s in the wrong colors and styles, she diminishes her natural beauty.

Ann Romney bedazzles in jewel tones like royal blue. Her face glows. Solid colors also suit her better, because they are mire slimming.

On the other hand, Mrs. Romney looks drab in the moss green ensemble in the center photo. It even dulls her hair. The neckline of this dress is not flattering on any woman, as the straight line at the neck makes a woman’s neck look muscular. This is a line for a man.

Mrs. Romney has a penchant for yellow-based warm colors from the Spring palette. Colors like bright orange, coral and yellow. While these colors are cheerful, they don’t make her face pop. Most of the “paint by number” color systems would approve of Spring colors for Mrs. Romney, because of her golden blonde tresses. It’s never a good idea to use color as a determiner of one’s most flattering colors. Skin always trumps hair! Ann’s face glows in cools colors like royal blue.

Lastly, big patterns always suggest “big” – so they make a woman look larger than she is. Busy patterns are also less sophisticated than solid colors. Ultimately, these tropical colors are best kept for resort wear.


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