Jun 30

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Ban the Maxi

It seems that most designers are pushing the Maxi skirt. It didn’t look good the last time around in the Seventies, and it won’t look good now. First of all, if you’re trying to wear it as a business suit, it will create a long straight line – and straight lines are forbidding and masculine. Women look better in lines that are more in keeping with their hourglass figures. Knee-length skirts look the most pleasant and attractive.

Most importantly, it is acknowledged that skirt lengths reflect the state of the economy. We don’t want our skirts going down at this time, do we!! It’s our patriotic duty to ban the maxi! Join me.

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  1. Sara Davies

    In a business setting, I can easily understand why a maxi would be a no-no. What would you advise someone who needs to wear a skirt below the knee for religious (modesty) reasons? How long is too long? (For that matter, what would you suggest for someone who needs to cover knees, elbows, and collar bone?)

  2. Sandy Dumont

    If you cover the knee, you will look polished and professional and be modest in your appearance. However, very often skirts worn at the mid-calf length simply shout “matronly” or “dated.” However, worn with boots (in the winter, for example) they take on a whole new look, reminiscent of the gaucho look. Long skirts simply look severe because of the hard straight line they form, and not even boots will save this look. Jackets should take care of covering the other extremities.

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