Feb 27

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Barack Obama – Tie Lesson

President Obama watched by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

Dear Mr. President,
A reminder that grey is a very passive color and needs to be made positive by the addition of a power tie in a bold color. The tie on the left is just plain wimpy. Pale colors come across as passive and powerless. A man’s tie is the only place where he can make a statement! Look at the tie on the right and notice how much more sophisticated, professional and powerful you look wearing it!You also look handsomer.

As for the middle tie, this is the “politician’s look” – in other words, it doesn’t make a statement either way. Grey says, “Maybe yes, maybe no” or “Maybe positive, maybe negative”  – like a grey lie or a grey area, it’s murky. It’s popular with politicians, for obvious reasons. But it’s not a great choice for the President of the United States. I’d love to see you in more bold colors – especially the “new reds” in colors like the raspberry tie above, or in red-violet, plum, magenta or burgundy (now that’s a power color).

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