Feb 02

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Biden and Bono – Fashion Looks vs. Power Dressing

Biden versus Bono
Biden and Bono

Both Vice President Joe Biden and Bono wear navy blue “power” suits. Dark colors bestow authority, so they are quite powerful as well as elegant. In addition, blue is the color of trust, so both trust and power are conveyed.

The Vice President wears a crisp white shirt and red tie, while Bono has opted for a coordinated navy blue shirt with stripes, accompanied by an elegant purple tie. The Vice President would look equally powerful with the beautiful purple tie worn by Bono. However, Bono has teamed his navy blue suit with a dark shirt, so it is a “fashion” look and never acceptable for a serious business occasion. It would be a great sport shirt, and it would also look fine with a jacket and no tie, but it is not a business shirt. Worn with a tie in the right color, it makes for an interesting fashion look. However, if Bono replaced his deep-toned tie with Biden’s bright red tie, it would look loud and flashy. Instead of a fashion look, it would become a “going to Vegas” look.

Lastly, when a gentleman stands, he must immediately button his jacket. He unbuttons it when he is seated.

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  1. Renee

    It’s all relative. Biden has to represent the mainstream and cannot step far away from a conventional business presentation. Bono on the other hand is anything but conventional and his manner of style is part of ‘the package’; his means of conveying his messages-and they are serious issues with which he deals. If he did present himself in the ‘Biden’ style he would not be perceived as being authentic. Sometimes, image is breaking out of the standard and it works for some. Who is more trustworthy; the man who hides behind convention, or he who can break the mold? Perhaps both.

  2. Sandy Dumont

    I agree with your comments. Note that I like Bono’s look, it just wouldn’t give him credibility in a serious business environ environment.

    As with the rules of etiquette, everything has a reason. I don’t make the rules, I just interpret them to educate my clients.

    Bono is an entertainer, and entertainers abide by different rules than people who guide us in the business or political arena.

  3. Renee

    I agree with your comments as well. Although, some individuals have that level of charisma that can carry them beyond conventional expectations. While he is known to the mainstream as an entertainer, Bono meets effectively (dressed as he is) with heads of state and other political figures on a regular basis as a means to exact change for impoverished nations. Rock star by night, diplomat by day? Anyway, he’s an interesting case of someone who can follow his own dress code and still get things done.
    By the way, Sandy, I love your style and everything you do for us all!

  4. Sandy Dumont

    We are on the same wave length. Very few men know how to carry off a dark shirt with a dark suit. They usually wear white ties or some color that is tot bright, and then it shouts “loud tie.” Bono wore a purple tie, and purple always has underlying black tones, so it had enough contrast to work effectively, while not being too bright as to shout “loud.” He’s got natural style!

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