May 10

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CAMEL: Beloved – but not in the mirror…

Colr and style for men's jackets analyzed by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect.

Camel, tan, brown, khaki – no matter what you call it, this color shouldn’t be worn by anyone with greying hair. First of all, the two colors are jarring when seen together.

Secondly, this color very often makes the skin look yellow as well as very washed out. Check it out in the mirror. Put on your camel garment and then drape yourself with a navy blue blazer, for example. When you remove the navy blue garment, you’ll see what I mean!

Even men with darker skins need to avoid this “irresistible” color. Let’s face, it – it says country weekend, so who wouldn’t want that?  Unfortunately, it usually makes your skin look yellow, too.  Doctors agree with Sandy Dumont that yellow skin is a sign of hepatitis, jaundice or old age.

Just like a white leather handbag, skin yellows with age.  Doctors feel concern when they see yellow skin. Designers and makeup artists think yellow skin is normal – even good. We are so accustomed to seeing yellow reflected on faces from our clothing, that we also think it is normal. It isn’t!

You may get compliments for your jacket when you wear a camel sport coat, but YOU don’t get the compliment.  Begin to take note of the times when people tell you that you look good – and the occasions when people tell you they love your suit, jacket, etc.

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