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Jul 03

Hillary Clinton – Short & Chic


Hillary, you’re looking glamorous with this slightly-bouffant hairdo. Great color, great style. Why not bring it back? Fuller hairstyles are  gaining popularity now, and for good reason:  they are flattering. Cool, pink-toned foundation will smooth those lines, make you look younger and have greater overall harmony! Yellow-toned foundations and peachy blushers don’t go with your …

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May 31

Hillary – Looking Rested and Lovely


Hillary Clinton looks lovely with her long hair. She also looks rested and relaxed. Please, Hillary:  no more “can’t be bothered” hairdos. Your hair is much too nice to be puled back in a rubber band.

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Mar 31

Sartorial Sins

Suit, tie & shirt combinations

President, Obama, President Clinton, Prince Albert:  please take note that you’ve broken one of the most sacred sartorial rules. One of the the main items, shirt/suit/tie, must have a pattern. To wear three solids, is unimaginative, particularly when all three items are in dark shades. Of the three men, President Clinton comes the closest to …

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Feb 06

Hillary, Looking Radiant


It’s obvious Hillary Clinton needed some time off to rest. She looks radiant, happy and beautiful in the photo far right. While not high fashion, her current hairstyle suits her, and it’s a style that is easy to care for. The color is especially nice. Short hair that is stylishly cut also suits Mrs. Clinton. …

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Oct 03

Hillary Clinton’s elegant black suit

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, Looking Fabulous! Madame Secretary, this is a really wonderful style for you. It’s tailored perfectly but bears no resemblance to the unimaginative blazer jacket that is so popular with women today. It would look good with a statement-making brooch  as well as the simple strand of pearls you’re wearing.

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Aug 24

Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Good/Bad Makeup

Photos of Secretary State Hillary Clinton in good makeup and bad makeup colors

Dear Secretary Clinton, Your makeup changes from natural-looking cool colors to artificial and cakey-looking warm colors (photo on left).  If you look closely, you’ll see that those yellow-toned warm foundations do a pretty poor job of making you look better. When you’re in the wrong foundation and blusher colors, any little furrows or lines will …

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Aug 23

Hillary Clinton – Good/Bad Colors

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, reviews Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's color choices from the point of power dressing

Madame Secretary, just a gentle reminder that all colors in the peach or apricot family will cause you to pale out and disappear into your clothing. Not a good idea for a woman of your standing and presence. It can actually diminish power and credibility. On the other hand, the deep royal blue color above …

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Aug 17

Secretary Hillary Clinton, Good & Bad Styles

photos of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Good & Bad Styles

Dear Secretary Clinton, The jacket on the left is in a splendid color for you, but large polka dots are very whimsical, so not appropriate for a formal state occasion, nor for a person of your stature. In addition, big patterns always make a person look bigger; furthermore, big round circles suggest roundness. The best …

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Jul 11

Hillary, Yes to Yellow

Fashion expert Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect has some advice for Mrs. Clinton, Secretary of State.

That’s a lovely yellow jacket – the beautiful trim adds a lot of oomph and style. This is the perfect yellow for you; it’s a soft chiffon yellow. Buttercup yellow, canary and mustard yellow are all warm shades of yellow and wouldn’t suit you. Mustard yellow is also very drab and dreary looking. Your suit …

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Jul 08

Hillary – Tale of Two Suits

Internationally recognized image consultant Sandy Dumont on Hillary Clinton's wardrobe and style.

There’s that fabulous black suit with the wonderful ruffly blouse underneath. Take a look at the black and white suit on the left, however, and you’ll see that there’s lots of ivory in that pattern, rather than pure white. Black and white tweed or checked patterns look grungy when ivory is paired with black. Plus, …

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