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Jul 28

Gwyneth Paltrow – Give Up Satin


  Wow! Look at the popularity of Gwyneth’s gunmetal grey satin gown. Obviously, everyone loves Gwyneth, and as a result, we’re all forgiving of an unflattering garment. Look closely, and you’ll see – as usual – that satin seems to make “lumps and bumps” appear out of nowhere. Even the super svelte Gwyneth looks a …

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Jul 23

Jennifer Aniston – Good, Better Best

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.32.34 PM

  It’s hard to make Jennifer Aniston look bad. She has a natural beauty. But when it comes to hair  she’s definitely not looking her best with curls. Straight shiny hair is best for Jennifer. However, a  blunt cut is severe, because of the hard straight line it makes at the jaw line, so it …

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Jul 22

Harmony of Makeup Colors

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 1.45.14 PM

  There’s nothing wrong with wearing pink lipstick with red nails, as long as the red nail polish color is a cool red. Pink is a derivative of red, so it’s all in the family. Unfortunately this red polish is a warm red. It harmonizes with the orange blusher, but not the cool pink lipstick. …

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Jul 18

Angelina Jolie: When Black Wears You

AngelinaJolie ElieSaab 2009

  The Elie Saab gown is exquisite, the emerald earrings are divine, and you never looked lovelier – except for one thing. When you wear black, it wears you unless you “defeat” it with lipstick. Black is the darkest color there is, so it can look forbidding. However, light one candle in a dark room, …

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Jul 05

Brad Pitt – Ditch the Grey


  I’ve never seen a film star who looks really great in grey, whether it’s a grey pin-striped suit or a casual ensemble like that which Brad Pitt wears. First of all, grey is associated with Old & Grey, Sad & Grey, Tired & Grey. We talk about a Grey Area and a Grey Lie, …

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Jul 04

Nicole Kidman: Looking Awesome as Redhead


  OMG, Nicole you look awesome in this Jimmy Choo ad. Now that’s the way to go when you have red hair. Your pink-toned makeup lets your face pop. Most makeup artists put redheads in “matching” orange makeup. Of course, when they do, black suddenly looks harsh. Orange lipstick and blusher might “go” with red …

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Jun 28

Three Faces of Sofia Vegara


Sofia Vegara’s hair – as a blonde, with straight hair, with wavy hair

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Jun 27

Cindy Crawford – Dark Brown vs. Light Brown Hair

Ccindy Dark

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont demonstrates with Cindy Crawford’s photos why dark hair shouldn’t be lightened. Sandy is master of color.

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May 31

Hillary – Looking Rested and Lovely


Hillary Clinton looks lovely with her long hair. She also looks rested and relaxed. Please, Hillary:  no more “can’t be bothered” hairdos. Your hair is much too nice to be puled back in a rubber band.

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Apr 04

The book the fashion industry doesn’t want you to read

The most revolution book on color since 1830.

There’s a revolutionary new book coming out in late April. It contains scientifically-proven evidence that you don’t know what you look good in. Nor does anyone in the fashion industry. They don’t want you to know the truth, because they know you’ll no longer be at the whim of fleeting color and style trends. You’ll …

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