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  1. wini

    Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Thank you, Wini! How are you? Send me an email and let me hear from you.

  3. Hyacinth Murray

    Good morning Sandy…I recently purchased a online copy of Classy Casual, which was downloaded to my iPad.

    After a recent update by Apple to their system, my copy does not show anymore. Would you help me please to retrieve this item on my iPad?

    Thanks for all your help.

    Hyacinth Murray

  4. Joyce

    I was interested in your knowledge of Ann Romney’s
    jewelry? I love it.

  5. Sandy Dumont

    Joyce, Ann Romney’s necklace looked like crystal from photos. It was hard to tell for certain. At any rate, it was a great “statement” piece that could be worn with suits, dresses or simple shells.

  6. Joyce

    Sandy, She often also wears a beautiful double stand of, what looks like huge white fresh water pearls.

  7. Sandy Dumont

    Yes, I’ve seen those. They are beautiful!

  8. Dana

    Hi Sandy,

    I’ve watched several videos and I just wanted to share my personal opinion. I have similar coloring as you. I think that you may be a Bright Spring instead of a Winter. Bright Spring looks much more cool than the rest of the spring family. The colors are bright and look cooler with just a touch of warmth. Although you can wear black, I feel that charcoal would more flattering than black. I also think that a watermelon red shade of lipstick would be more in harmony with your skin. MAC lustering or speak louder are both great for Bright Springs. I understand if you completely disagree, however, you could swatch these colors just for fun and see what you think.


  9. Sandy Dumont

    Dana, thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I’m certain I’m not any kind of Spring. Hope you’ll get a copy of my new eBook “Color Me Correctly, Please” and you’ll see why.

  10. Clarisse Ringwald

    Dear Sandy:

    Please let me know if I can link your blog on my blog roll. Thank you. Clarisse Ringwald

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