Dec 05

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Elegance or Non-elegance? The key is accessorizing!

Georgio Armani was right. Accessories make or break your look – and determine whether you are judged elegant or not. The most expensive suit in the world could very well look boring without accessories.

When I was a fashion model, designers looked you over before you went out on the catwalk to see if you “made a statement” or not. Accessories were added if you didn’t!

As you can see, Amy looks for more elegant with accessories. Imagine the black suit without the big white buttons (also statement makers), earrings and brooch. It wouldn’t look bad; it just wouldn’t look dynamic or special. Amy is an architect. Which woman looks as if she will deliver your specialĀ  dream house?

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  1. Jennifer

    One thing I would love to mention (you probably have previously) is the white bra under the white shirt! Ladies – please wear a bra that matches your skin tone, not your shirt. If your skin is dark you must wear a bra in your skin tone under it or your look screams “LOOK at my BRA” lol! The same goes for white pants with big white undies beneath them! EW!

  2. Sandy Dumont

    You are absolutely right. Many women forget about this when they wear white pants and they have dark skin or a dark suntan!
    I’m sure everyone appreciates this tip. Thanks very much.

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