Jul 26

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Emma Stone – Barbie Pink lipstick



It’s a myth that redheads, fair-skinned blondes and strawberry blondes cannot wear black.

Emma Stone is a natural beauty, and she’s usually stylishly dressed. Her black gown is fabulous, and she looks good in it – but not GREAT! The problem is her lipstick.

She looks lovely in pink and orchid shades of lipstick, but not when wearing black. The problem is that black is a Big City color, and her lipstick is a cutesy shade of pink, so it shatters color harmony. She would look ravishing in a rich fuchsia or a cherry red, Both these colors pair well with black.

An additional note about color: Emma, you have col skin and would even more beautiful (and natural) in a foundation with subtle pink tones. The makeup you’re wearing is yellow and orange-toned. It “goes” with your hair but not your skin’s undertones.


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