Jun 25

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Emma Stone in Warm & Cool Colors

EmmaStone2Emma Stone was born blonde but dyed her hair auburn brown in order to get more mature acting rolls.

In the photo left, no doubt a Hollywood stylist suggested she wear warm makeup and garments, due to the red tones in her hair. She is a beautiful woman in any color hair or garment, but the warm colors don’t do her justice. Look closely and you’ll see that her skin is splotchy and less natural looking than in the photo to the right.

On the right, Emma wears cool makeup and garments. She looks breathtakingly beautiful and natural..

Below, you’ll see Emma with blonde hair in both warm and cool colors.

EmmaStoneBlondeTo the left, Emma wears warm foundation and blusher, once again causing splotchiness and harshness. Her lipstick is cool, so the colors fight. She looks the loveliest and most natural in the photo to the right, with cool makeup.

Tip for Emma: Give up the black eyeliner. It makes your eyes look smaller. Learn to do the smoky eye and it will open your eyes.

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