Dec 26

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Eartha Kitt, The Original Cat Woman

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The fabulous and talented Eartha Kitt died Christmas day at the age of 81. She was the original Cat Woman, but as you can see, Cat Woman doesn’t look as sexy without her red lipstick! Eartha looks sexier and prettier with red lipstick, as did Michelle Pheiffer and Halle Berry – other notable actresses who portrayed the irresistible Cat Woman.

Which actress is your favorite Cat Woman? Leave your comments.

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  1. Kenneth

    Ertha Kitt Is my favourite, and I am so sorry to hear she has passed she was truly unique.
    Thank you for the information, and thanks for the good words about her

  2. Lesley Dewar

    I loved Eartha Kitt and have spent some time on You Tube listening to her sing – especially Santa Baby.

    My favourite cat woman (Batman style) is Halle Berry.

  3. Tammy

    I think it’s unfair to criticize Ms. Kitt of something she had no control over. At the time she portrayed Catwoman, the makeup industry had no red lipsticks for black (African American) women. You will notice that none of the women of color in any movie of television show wore red listick (or for that matter any dark color) until the early 1980’s. Just a little history for you (and anyone interested) to take note of.

  4. Sandy Dumont

    Dear Tammy,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I hope no one else understood my message. My comments are always meant to be educational, never critical.

    What I had hoped to convey was that Eartha Kitt looks better with red lipstick, not that she doesn’t look good as the original Cat Woman.

  5. Molly

    Eartha Kitt wasn’t the original Catwoman. Julie Newmar was. Eartha was the second one.

  6. Angel

    the only version I saw of cat women was when Halle Berry played the role. I’ve never seen the one Ertha or the one Julie played the role in.

  7. K-Sandra

    She was the sexiest cat woman

  8. Sandy Dumont

    They were all pretty sexy. That’s the persona of Cat Woman!

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