May 03

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Expert Image Tips for Plus Size Clothing and Wardrobe


Different styles & patterns, different results!

Many of my readers have requested more information about wardrobes for fuller figures.  I’ve since visited Dillard’s department store in Norfolk, a store I frequent for its great array of collections and quality lines in clothing, with a mission to gather relevant information to result in great decision-making and happy shoppers.

The two summer shirts above are both available at Dillard’s and illustrate a few key points for you to recognize.

The most obvious is the difference in patterns.  The pattern on the left is large and somewhat “rounded.”  Consequently, it not only draws attention to the torso, rather than helping direct it toward the face, but it also helps to create an overall “larger”, more “rounded” image.

The shirt on the right, conversely, is in a solid color. Solids are always more slimming than patterns, even very small ones. The tunic style lets you remain comfortable and at the same times hides any bulges at the midriff, stomach,  hips and thighs.

The second significant difference is in the cut.  The shirt on the left is rather boxy, with a straight bottom and not much of a tailored waist.  Straight-bottomed blouses can be fine, but here it’s paired with white pants, a combination which visually cuts the body in half at the hip.  That’s not a great stopping point for women with large hips because the line will bring our eye to that spot.  If, however, the waist had been more tailored, we’d at least notice a comparatively narrower waist.

The neckline of the shirt on the right is flattering , because it softly frames the face. Also, the “V” that is formed by the white pattern at the bosom area makes the waist appear slimmer. Tunic styles are usually quite flattering because they have an hourglass shape instead of hanging straight and shapeless.

This month’s Webinar, “Plus Size Image Strategies,” will further explore how to shop and dress to flatter your figure.  Details here: http://bit.ly/imaged

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  1. Julia Hillegass

    Great tip–I’m so glad to see you venture out into some tips specific to plus-sized ladies! We don’t have to wear oversized sacks and polyester pants anymore. The quality and selection is better than ever, with even more upscale designers available online or outside the HRds market.

    I’ve recently had bariatric surgery and am losing fairly steadily. I am wondering if you have any advice on how to decide what to have tailored down versus what to toss. Thanks!

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Toss anything that isn’t in a color that flatters you. Most grunge colors don’t flatter.
    Also, toss styles that just shouldn’t be on the racks: Daddy jackets that are too long and shapeless; also rounded collars suggest roundness – go for pointed collars.
    Tune in to my webinar on May 17th at 7pm Eastern for more Plus Size Strategies.

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