Dec 27

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Fashion Doesn’t Have to Be Fatal!

pink-pointy-shoes.jpgWith a few timeless basics, you can look polished and professional without breaking your back (or the bank!). Finding what colors suit you best is a start. Start with a few well-made staples like a great skirt or pair of pants that fit your body type. Choosing the right accessories can also go a long way to completing the perfect look that will have heads turning when you walk into a room! Pointy-toed shoes simply appear more elegant and professional than round-toed ones, but they must be well made and in the correct size. They should not pinch or squeeze the foot. To prevent injury, never wear a heel higher than 3” – and a 2” or 2 ½” inch heel will produce the same classy looks. Even if you wear a lower heel, find one with the right shape, giving your leg an elongated elegant look. When it comes to handbags look for a great shape and a versatile color so you will get more mileage from it! There’s no need to carry a bag larger than necessary, because your handbag will wear you! Take time to find the right bag.

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    There is always so much information here in your blog, thank you!

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