Jul 19

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From Drab to to Dynamic

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect givves dress to impress clothing advice

Many men with light brown hair are drawn to brown suits or sport jackets. However, the first rule of thumb to remember is that you never match your garments to your superficial appearance. That is, unless you’re a spy and want to go completely unnoticed.

The second rule of thumb is that your tie must make a statement, and in order to do that, it needs contrast. Thus, the dark brown plaid jacket in the photo on the left looks dreary when compared to the photo on the right. The “matching” brown paisley tie is a poor choice in terms of both color and pattern.

Paisley patterns are too “girlie” to ever look businesslike, and you should never wear a brown tie with a brown jacket. Two strikes and you are out, so this man doesn’t look like a winner.

Blue is business personified, so it takes the sport jacket up several notches, especially when paired with a power tie in dark burgundy. If your closet is host to brown suits or jackets, resist the urge to wear them with an ivory shirt and brown tie.

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