Jul 29

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Great Outfit – except for

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 9.22.32 AM


Wow! what a fabulous jacket. The color is both powerful and flattering to most women; and the style is classy and elegant. The blue and white color scheme couldn’t be better for summer.

Love the white “statement” necklace, too!

There are two things out of sync, however. First, the shirttail hanging out. Straight lines catch the eye, so the eye will drop to the bottom of the white top intermittently. This is a fact. Better to choose a top that is shorter, or tuck the top in, so the line doesn’t interrupt the eye’s desire to stay on the face.

Second, the grey pants come in out of the blue and intrude upon the lovely blue and white color scheme. When you’re using solids, adding a third color runs the risk of making your outfit look disjointed and thrown together. Blue or white pants would be better. However, change the white top for a red, white and blue striped one, for example, and then you can also choose red pants as well, because the color is tied to the top.



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