Jan 20

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Grooming the First Lady

Take a look at the article about Michelle Obama’s eyebrows that appeared in The Chigago Tribune. (Click here). Yes, Michelle Obama’s eyebrows need tweaking – just as with the woman in the photo below on the right.  [Note: these are from my Belgian days, and I actually did the cover on the left.] The two photos (below) are of a woman from Belgium. People guess her age to be 40. She is 23.  Here is why: Her eyebrows are too rounded at the outer edges, and the round line suggests the brow area protrudes. This suggests puffy eyes, and you only get puffy eyes at about age 40. Michelle Obama’s brows (in both examples) also create the illusion that her brow area is somewhat puffy; although it is not as rounded as the woman’s brows below, right. Nevertheless, the overall shape is not as friendly as it could be, so it still needs some tweaking. Contact me , Michelle, and I’ll send you some examples! For more feedback about the other tweaks that are needed in the  “before” magazine photo, see below.

femmes_after.jpg  femmes_before.jpg

Bad eyebrows are not the only problem with the “before” photo on the right. Her lips are rounded at the outside corners, a la Joan Crawford, and in body language “curled lips” signify cynicism or distaste. Young people are not normally cynical, so these lips are aging. In addition, she is in the wrong makeup colors, and they cause the furrows alongside her mouth and nose to be accentuated, another sign of age. Lastly, red lipstick looks “hard” unless you have a very high-fashion look with state-of-the-art hair and accessories. In addition, with red lipstick, it is necessary to have lips that are made full in the center (not at the outer corners) for a softer, more attractive look.

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  1. Beverly

    On the second photo of Michelle, her eyebrows are lighter, which gives her a softer look. I like it!

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