Aug 23

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Hillary Clinton – Good/Bad Colors

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, reviews Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's color choices from the point of power dressing

Bad Color - Good Color "Quelle Difference!"

Madame Secretary, just a gentle reminder that all colors in the peach or apricot family will cause you to pale out and disappear into your clothing. Not a good idea for a woman of your standing and presence. It can actually diminish power and credibility.

On the other hand, the deep royal blue color above creates contrast with your beautiful face, and it also enhances your natural pink undertones. The apricot color, on the other hand, creates “hot spots” on the face (it does for nearly everyone, actually) and makes you look anemic. The blue suit gives you radiant, healthy color. It also makes you look pretty.

You owe it to yourself. Ditch all those peach, coral, orange and apricot suits.

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