Feb 05

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Hillary Clinton – Hair Tips You’ll Love

Hillary, please hang in there and don’t cut your hair. Soon you’ll have a very classy,  feminine and professional  hairdo. All you need to do for the moment is trim the ends about an inch and let the right side of your hair (with bangs) grow a little longer. Here are photos of  Jessica Simpson with a somewhat more sexy version of the bob because it covers the eye nearly a la Veronica Lake; and I’ve got a photo of myself with the same hairdo but  a little toned down.  The difference between my “do” and Jessica’s is that I’ve got “pointy layering” at the front so that the hair hugs my face and frames it in a flattering way. The less you see of the chin and neck the better, after age 40. And in that vein, any bob that ends in a straight line at the bottom causes the eyes to fall to that area. Straight lines command attention. That’s why you want pointy layers at the front, alongside the face – top prevent that straight line.

Last suggestion, get out a ceramic flat iron and  “manipulate” your hair at the front part (on long side) into a “U turn” and then spray it into place. This acts as a “bridge” to keep the hair from falling into the face. The reason I have a photo of Jessica is so you can see better how the hair is maneuvered. Better to have it more subtly done, I think.  I can tell you lots more tricks if you have someone from your staff contact me!

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