Feb 26

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Hillary Clinton, Hair Update

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State watched by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

Yes, yes, yes to the hair on the right. It frames the face and flatters.  Ash tones with very pale highlights framing the face would be perfect for you, Madam Secretary! Even though it’s probably the camera setting, the golden tones on the left are not as nice as the pink skin tones and cool hair on the right.

The hair is a little flat in the left photo. Also maintain that little lift that is swept back about an inch at the part, similar to how it is in the photo to the right, just more so. And it is much more chic and elegant when the hair turns under subtly than when it flips up.

Tip:  Wear your necklaces a couple of inches lower. It will be a more flattering line for you.

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  1. Sandy Dumont

    You have a very good eye, Sandy. I would never have noticed that Hillary Clinton’s hair and makeup were yellow. I like her better in the pink colors.

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