Feb 06

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Hillary, Looking Radiant

It’s obvious Hillary Clinton needed some time off to rest. She looks radiant, happy and beautiful in the photo far right. While not high fashion, her current hairstyle suits her, and it’s a style that is easy to care for. The color is especially nice.

Short hair that is stylishly cut also suits Mrs. Clinton. The hairstyle in the photo to the left is also easy to care for, as long as you have a good cut. Even though she’s retired, Hillary Clinton is not likely to sit back and do nothing. So, either the short or the long hairstyle will be manageable for her.

However, I do hope that she will never return to the “easy care” hairdo in the center. No one except a 20-year-old looks good in this severe hairstyle. Furthermore, she wears warm makeup, which doesn’t yield good results. She’s more beautiful and natural looking with cool foundation – as in the photo to the right.

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