Jun 29

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Hillary’s Best Look

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect comments on Hillary Clinton's image style.

Madam Secretary, the photo on the left is simply fabulous! Your hair looks youthful, sophisticated and pretty. Your colors are perfect as well; and it’s a fabulous necklace. In the middle photo, the suit is a winner, but your hair is pulled back from your forehead too much. It will look so much more flattering when you coax your bangs into place with the little “pompadour” lift like in the photo on the left.

I’m not wild about the beige suit. First of all, it’s a boring style that shouts “daddy jacket.” Give up this style, it’s not for you! Secondly, it’s an ordinary style, and you’re an extraordinary woman. Third,  it isn’t your color; it makes you look powerless and washed out. I don’t mind your hair pulled back because your face has a good balanced shape. You look younger and prettier in the photo left, however.

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