Jan 06

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It’s no secret that “fashion” looks get men compliments. However, when it comes to menswear, there are “fashion” looks and there are “business” looks. One bestows immediately credibility while the other diminishes it. Which man would you choose to handle your investments?

Grant was asked about his elegant and refined style, when he responded, “All it takes are a few outfits. And there is one secret, the simpler the better.”

The “rules” of men’s fashion are sometimes very rigid. First of all, white shirts suggest purity, hence, honesty. Dark shirts worn with ties suggest Al Capone. Furthermore, the tie is there to “make a statement” about its wearer, and a tie that blends into a shirt cannot even be seen.

Recently, matching shirt and tie sets have been popular, but “fashion” looks are not “power” looks. A man’s power tool is his tie. It should never blend into his shirt or suit.

Ultimately, the man (see above two color photos) in the white shirt and red power tie looks more polished and professional than the man in the dark blue “ensemble.”  Furthermore, pinstripe suits are the most conservative of all suit patterns, so the “gangster” shirt and tie are inappropriate with such a conservative suit. The best way to “lighten up” a conservative pinstripe suit is with a tie in a bold color such as yellow or red.

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