Feb 02

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Image Consultants Advice: Look Extraordinary, not Ordinary

Before & After Images of Female Business Executives

Looking for a job? Hoping to get promoted?  Want to get noticed by that special someone?  It won’t happen if your style is “basic” and you look like everyone else. Don’t buy into outdated information that tells you to wear a conservative suit and accessories.

In today’s economy, we want a self starter; someone who is pro active; a mover and shaker who is worth her weight in gold.

The woman on the left wears the ubiquitous blazer-style suit. It is very ordinary in terms of both style and color. Pastels do not convey power; they make you look wimpy and passive. A single strand of pearls make you look even more demure. Save them for Sunday School.

When choosing a suit, look for a style that is distinctive and in a style that flatters a woman’s hourglass figure. Dark colors convey authority, and you have many more options than a man has. Black, charcoal and navy are “their” colors, but you can branch out into deep shades of royal purple and royal blue. True red and cherry red, fuchsia, magenta and dark emerald green or racing green are also good color choices.

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  1. Andre

    Certainly the image on the right is more fashion forward in more flattering and powerful…

  2. Dorothy Wilhelm

    I can always count on you for good ideas, Sandy.

    The makeup – foundation is the one thing I just couldn’t do without. It really takes off years.


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