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Image Consulting

Sandy’s specialty is changing people’s lives (and attitudes) with a
one-day Total Image Makeover workshop. This workshop is designed to
transform your appearance from head to toe, so that when you enter a
room, heads turn. Your image will be a “10” for every occasion, no
matter how casual or how formal. If you would like to own the room, I
will show you how to make it possible. If you would like to command
immediate credibility and respect, I’ll show you how. If you want to wow
the opposite sex, I’ll give you the magic formula. The way you look and
dress defines who you are not only to others, but to the person in the
mirror when you leave the house each morning. You’re going to love the
new you, and when you walk out the door, you’ll know you can conquer the

Before Before
Before After

(For proof, visit my before and after makeover photos here)

This workshop is designed to enable you to unearth the real You that you
were born to be – by peeling away layers of habit. We choose colors and
styles from habit, and also from the “heart and soul” and usually NOT
from the results in the mirror. Sandy’s clients report that their lives
change after a makeover session. As an image consultant, Sandy’s
greatest mission is to enable you to have ownership of your image.

Workshops are not about Sandy telling you what to wear. That’s what
happens on all those TV makeover shows. When you leave, you return you
comfort zone because you weren’t involved in the process of change.

Without involvement and education, there is no “buy-in” so you feel like
you are wearing “what Sandy told you to wear” instead of what you KNOW
you can wear.

Contact Sandy today to begin your journey toward the New You!

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