Mar 05

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Image Conveys Power and Femininity with Great Curves and Lines in Women’s Business Suit


This is not her “Daddy’s jacket.”  Ladies, Pendleton has the right idea with this worsted wool suit. This fabric is sturdy and substantial, implying the same of the woman who wears it, yet drapes nicely along the lines of her body.  The top-stitching and cuff design add nice detail. And notice the lapel, which is the feature closest to the face and therefore sends one of the strongest messages of the whole ensemble. The curves in its cut and folds honor the femininity of a woman’s figure. This dark grey is a more “powerful” choice than light grey. Paired with the fuchsia blouse, the overall message is powerful and dynamic.

One thing I might change is the “buttoned-up” look. And you know I’d also add bolder earrings.

Your thoughts?

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