Mar 01

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IMAGE: The Way You Look

Having been an image consultant for 30 years, here’s what I’ve observed:

The way you look and dress announces the outcome other people can expect from you. We DO judge a book by its cover.

The way you look and dress announces how you feel about yourself, and you’ll be treated accordingly. When you change the way you look, people treat you differently, and then you change on the inside!

The way you dress announces how you feel about others. When you dress for your own comfort, your prospective client or employer gets it, and it is like hurling an insult at them. When you dress to impress, they get that also, and they warm up to you. We like people who like us.

The way you dress defines who you are not only to others, but to the person in the mirror when you leave the house each morning. YOU determine the outcome of your day. If you feel good about who you are and what you do, you will want to shout it to the world – and to yourself – by dressing to impress.

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