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It’s All About Attitude!

Actress Susan Strasburg recounted that she and Marilyn Monroe were walking on a busy street one day and she remarked to Marilyn that she was surprised that no one had recognized her. “Oh, you mean her,” Marilyn responded. Then she changed her body language, facial expression and walk, and within seconds everyone was clamoring to meet her and get her autograph.

When you have supreme confidence your attitude and demeanor is not the same as that of a person who is insecure deep down inside. Norma Jean Baker, Marilyn’s real name, suffered from insecurities most of her life, and it is only when she slipped into the persona of Marilyn Monroe that her attitude and demeanor changed.

Marilyn Monroe’s fans were drawn to the sexy film star, but part of her charm was the innocence and naiveté she always exuded. Obviously, her fans didn’t recognize her unless she had her pouty lips, come-hither eyes and slinky walk. That’s branding. When Marilyn didn’t represent her public brand, she wasn’t “Marilyn” to passers-by.

I learned when I was 17 years old and got The Red Dress that when you change the way you are on the outside, people treat you differently. Then you change on the inside. However, when the “new you” isn’t authentic, then there’s a disconnect; and the confidence is only outward – not inward. You must transform you image as well as your attitude about yourself.

Most of my clients are business professionals, authors and speakers – not film stars. A total image transformation can’t make them an expert overnight, so it can’t make them a success overnight. What it will do is keep an outdated or poor-quality image from lowering their credibility dramatically.

Ideally, your image needs to match the caliber of your products and services, and the sad truth is, the image of most people doesn’t keep up with their résumé. Your image needs to be so dynamic that heads literally turn when you enter a room!

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