Jul 06

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Jennifer Lawrence: Good, Better, Best and NO


Jennifer Lawrence has a chameleon-like appearance. As she changes hair color, she changes her appearance and persona dramatically. She looks good in the coral and white floral print dress, but they’re not her colors. Her hair is pretty and youthful looking, but it’s the wrong shade of blonde; it’s a harsh yellow. This dress is the perfect length; shows off your shapely legs.

Jennifer looks better in the lovely deep purple gown. Her hair is a better color, and her makeup is much more flattering than in the first photo. Soft pink tones suit her.

Who can forget Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards. She stole the show from everyone! The simple red gown is perfect for her; and her hair is magnificent in terms of color and style. Just right for the Red Carpet. She has an air of confidence and relaxation. Looking good, Jennifer!

Well, you were absolutely fabulous in Silver Linings. Hardly recognized you with that black hair. This photo (far right) doesn’t show you in the best light. The makeup and hairstyle are all wrong for dark hair. Dark hair demands drama on the Red Carpet: red lipstick, smoky eyes (no black liner, please!) and Big City accessories. You could choose to remain a brunette, though, if you made all those changes. In fact, you’d be a knockout. Just promise me you’ll give up the black eye liner – ¬†forever.


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