Jan 01

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Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd – and Beethoven

sweeneytoddposter1.jpgbeethoven.jpgJohnny Depp as Sweeney Todd. in his his latest film “The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” I’ve been a fan of Johnny Depp ever since I saw “Edward Scissorhand.” Did anyone else notice the resemblance of Sweeney Todd to Ludwig Von Beethoven? And that’s not all, Depp’s previous role as  Captain Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbbean” and “Dead Man’s Chest” seemed to me to be a takeoff on Little Richard.

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  1. Jane

    He just seemed so natural in those odd roles! Dark but humerous characters.

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Yes, he is one of the few actors in Hollywood who could have taken on this role.

    I would have preferred that they leave out one thing: once Sweeney Todd pushed the trap door to dispose of the bodies, viewing the basement one time would have been enough!

  3. Charles

    The resemblance of Sweeney Todd to Ludwig Von Beethoven is a striking, indeed. Good catch!
    I knew I saw that face before somewhere…you pointed it out, though. Thanks for solving my internal quest!
    Chuck B.

  4. Sandy Dumont

    Hi Chuck,
    I’m glad I helped you solve your quest to discover who Sweeney Todd reminded you of. I noticed the resemblance very early on in the movie and was surprised that none of the film critics noticed it.

  5. Pam

    Beethoven and Little Richard. LOL. I never saw the resemblance until you mentioned it. Thanks for pointing that out. Gives a new “twist” to his movies. :)

  6. Mari

    I am so agreed with you. The first thought in my mind when I saw Depp as Sweeney Todd, was that he was so identical with Beethoven. Especially the hair. But also clothes, personality, etc (anyway, Beethoven would never become a mass-murder).

    I just have to show you this:
    This is a morph i made… And look at the pictures that the faces are taken from:

    Not just the faces and the hair are similar.. Look at the arms and the hands…

  7. Lily Walker

    i love his movie Edwards Scissorhands, i think it is one of Johnny Depp’s best performance aside from Pirates of the Caribbean.,.-

  8. Jed Wildeman

    Johnny Depp is sexy, hot, gorgeous, a great man, a good father and the best actor ever…….I’ve seen all his movies and it’s great in all. i hope to meet him someday. I’m really in love with him

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