Jul 24

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Kate Middleton’s Pantyhose

Image and fashion consultant Sandy Dumont comments on Kate Middleton's pantyhose

There’s been a lot of talk and even furor over Kate Middleton’s sheer and shimmery pantyhose. Some women have taken an oath to never wear pantyhose again, and they are up at arms over the situation. Pantyhose sales are up and women are emulating the stylish Duchess. “Don’t give in,” these “liberated” women cry in unison.

A word to the wise, however. Don’t be too quick to give up your pantyhose, because there are certain advantages to wearing them. This is the case if you’ve got visible “distractions” like spider veins, bulging veins, or skin so pale it looks like skimmed milk (far left photo). These are serious distractions that will cause the eyes to be riveted to your legs, but not for good reason. In reality the shimmery pantyhose that Kate Middleton wore are a bit of a distraction because of their unusual sheen. Legs simply don’t have that much sheen on their own. I’d much rather see the Duchess wearing ultra sheer pantyhose without the shimmer. The more “natural” your legs look, the better.

That’s because, ultimately, the human eye is drawn to anything that seems out of the ordinary. Nearly everyone has little laugh lines and a bit of a double chin, so these things are not judged to be unusual and we skim right over them. However, splotchy skin is not the norm, so we’ll take note of imperfections on the skin anywhere, including the legs.

What’s a girl to do? There are several options. Get a tan on your legs at the beach or in a tanning salon; or spray a tan on. It doesn’t have to be more than a shade or two darker. All that’s necessary is to even out the color. At the same time it camouflages any protruding veins.

Ultimately, if your legs look as if you could be wearing pantyhose, you don’t need to wear them. However, if you’ve got major distractions, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not camouflaging your imperfections in some way. You’re not actually “liberated” when you have to worry about whether your broken capillaries or bulging veins are the center of attention when you sit down to meet with your peers.


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  1. Christina

    I’m all for pantyhose, but it’s pretty irresponsible of you to suggest that anyone “get a tan on your legs at the beach or in a tanning salon.” One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, and UV exposure from those sources is a major risk factor. And even if you’re somehow not concerned about cancer, sun exposure is also well proven as the main cause of wrinkles, skin discoloration and other signs of aging.

    My first beauty recommendation to my clients is sunscreen.

  2. Sandy Dumont

    I appreciate your comments, believe me! And I’m aware that excessive exposure to the sun can ultimately cause skin cancer. I live on the Atlantic Ocean and wouldn’t dream of sitting in the sun for even five minutes. However, it is not my job as an image consultant to tell people not to sit in the sun. Most people know of the dangers and will, hopefully, limit sun exposure. My intention was to let people know that the alternatives are out there, but they may have to choose for heath or for hose!

    I also wouldn’t go to a tanning salon, since my physician told me that some of the ingredients are carcinogenic. I choose for health: hose. Mostly because my legs are lighter than skim milk and cause passers-by to nearly gasp.

  3. Jan

    Hello, common sense here Christina!
    Sandy, aren’t you are merely making a point that if your legs are so white they glow in the dark, DO SOME—THING? I surely hope the majority of women have some common sense and wouldn’t go sit in the sun for hours, or in a tanning bed, or spray on a tan on a regular basis. But good grief, being in the sun in moderation is healthy for us!! You can gradually build some color on those legs without harming your health

  4. trish

    I love hose. I wear the shimmery shear silver or gold depending on the ocassion. It makes me feel wonderful and sexy if they are thigh high with lace at the top. I don’t wear the thick material brownish color from the supermarket. I sometimes don’t understand why some women hate hose and make such a big deal about it. I have olive complexion and have no blemishes on my legs at 51 yrs old. I think hose still classy.

  5. Eric

    From a man’s point of view… I love Kate Middleton, and I love the classy look of elegance she has over the pseudo stripper-porn star “chic” fashion that has been the style for one too many years. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH SHIMMERY HOSIERY. Just a tip from a guy who knows for a fact that most men find women in pantyhose sexy and we love the shiny shimmery looking hose on your legs especially. It screams classic femininity. Furthermore, pantyhose shouldnt only be looked upon as a way to hide imperfections or to make your legs look better in a more “natural way”. They are a matching colour accessory as well as a form of lingerie for your legs in a way if you buy luxury hosiery instead of the cheap supermarket ones. Personally, I am a Johnny Depp look alike but without the celebrity status, and I get attention from all women, but I usually choose to wait and not date for months unless I happen across that rare attractive woman dressed classy & showing her legs off in hosiery. Im grateful that Kate Middleton has set a style trend to bring hosiery back and to make elegance fashionable again. Cheers.

  6. Sandy Dumont

    Jan, you’re right. My point was to do something to keep from having the legs become a serious distraction. It’s up to the individual to decide which route to take.

  7. Sandy Dumont

    Eric, you’re in good company, because EVERYONE loves Kate Middleton. She’s not only a breath of fresh air, she’s beautiful, elegant and refined. What a role model! As for those shimmery hose: I’ve seen that in a business environment, they can be distracting, taking the eyes from a person’s face (even if only momentarily) to the shiny legs. Any time a “distraction” takes our attention from the person speaking, our train of thought is interrupted. I prefer “silky sheer” for business and shimmery legs in the evening when business isn’t being conducted.

    Johnny Depp look alike! Awesome. He’s my favorite actor/celebrity. However, I wish he’d keep the same style glasses, but get the black rims in a style that is a little “thinner.”

  8. Sandy Dumont

    Trish, everyone loves shimmery legs, but for business occasions when you’re speaking, for example, it’s better to have those (also sexy) silky sheer hose. They make the legs look silky and s\wonderrul, but there isn’t that “sparkle” that takes the attention from YOU too much.

  9. mike

    I’m with you, Eric. What most women don’t know is that men LOVE a fit, attractive woman in pantyhose. Unfortunately, most females associate pantyhose with covering up blemishes or think they are just for women over 60 at church.
    We need a pantyhose revolution! Thanks, Kate!

  10. Sandy Dumont

    Mike, Eric, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve received a lot of emails from women who agree with you!

  11. Sandy Dumont

    Kate Middleton has done women a huge favor! An AP article just reported that women are inspired by Kate are are returning to wearing hose. The article quotes a lot of sources, and they all agree that sheer pantyhose make the legs look better. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

  12. Sue

    Personally, I would never wear a dress or skirt without some kind of pantyhose, shiny or not. But what I don’t understand is: Why the prejudice against white legs? So what if your legs are “lighter than skim milk”? A lot of people would find that to be very beautiful!

  13. Sandy Dumont

    The only time “blinking white” legs are a problem is when they compel the eye to look at them, and that is because the brain has determined that they are “not the norm.” It is in our DNA to spot things that are out of the norm. We would also be compelled to look at shiny pink hose or orange ones. Any time you’re compelled to look somewhere other than the face, you are interrupting the brain’s attention, and this is not a good idea in a business situation, according to university studies.

    Pale legs are seen all the time, but not blinking white ones. I’ve taken my own survey and found that whenever I went barelegged, people would dart glances at my legs and then back at my face. This didn’t happen with nude hose.

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