Oct 08

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Katie Couric, Don’t Fade Away on Us


Katie, this V-neck is so stark and black that it’s overwhelming.  It’s also quite casual for your position.  Tailored jackets really do suit you best.

Here you wear so little makeup and accessories that you blend right into the wooden wall behind you.    These earrings are so small and insignificant that you may as well not be wearing any at all.  Wear larger earrings–like chunky hoops or door-knockers that hug the ears and frame the face.   Don’t be shy about your accessories.  The right ones will give you a lift, not overwhelm your look.  Here a large brooch or omega necklace would combat the black and highlight your face.

Most of all, stop wearing that frosty pink lipstick.  That’s what little girls wear the first time they start experimenting with makeup.  You would look fabulous and authoritative with a bold cherry-red lipstick, a little more blusher, and a classic shadowy eye.

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