Feb 16

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Katie Couric, it’s those little details

SandyDumont, The Image Architect is watching Katie Couric

Katie, can’t say enough how much I love your hair now that it’s getting longer. It’s absolutely perfect in the photo on the left. One thing to note is that you have cool skin and the orange sweater is warm. If you look closely, you’ll see thatĀ  with theĀ  orange, you get a circle of pale “hot spots” under your eyes that even the thickest of TV makeup can’t banish. This makes your eye makeup seem darker and hard. This won’t happen when you wear cool colors like fuchsia, royal blue and purple.

Your suit with matching blouse, on the right, is elegant. It’s also a warm color, and a drab color as well, so it dulls your hair and gives you an overall somber appearance. Of course with all the somber news you had to report, it was probably an instinctive thing. So sad to hear about Lara.

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  1. Sandy Dumont

    Katie looks more sophisticated and sexy on the right.

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