Jan 14

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Katie Couric, love your hair!

Katie is improving her hair and style!

Image consultant’s advice:  Katie, please don’t cut your hair again. I love the way this style (or even an inch or two longer like it was before)  frames your face so nicely –  and makes you look really pretty. That short hairdo didn’t do you justice.

Of the three photos, I like the one on the right because of the way the blonde streak makes a nice  contrast. Adore the chunky  hoops in the center photos. They make you look so much more professional than the dainty pearls in the photo right. The chunky hoop necklace in the left photo is fabulous also. I wouldn’t wear a top quite as high as the white one in the right photo. See how much nicer the left photo looks. It’s all about line. The white top makes a severe straight line, so it can make the jaw appear wider, as well as the neck. I’d love to see you in that beautiful royal purple suit again!

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