Apr 05

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Katie Couric, Necklines Matter

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect comments on Katie Couric's image.

A reminder that necklines matter. The orange shell is close to the “Hanes T-shirt” line, so it it not a flattering line for women. This line emphasizes  the neck, usually making it appear wider. That’s okay for men, but not for women. Wear your shells no higher than the collar bone for the most flattering results. In the summer, they can be worn lower, but never low enough to expose cleavage.

You look much more beautiful in the photo on the right. First, your hair is more elegant = keep it that way! When the hair flips up, it easily looks flyaway. The result is that you look like you have messy hair. The neckline of that suit is wonderful (Escada?)

One last tip, when you wear black, try a fuchsia lipstick so that the black doesn’t look as severe. Earrings also help “defeat” black’s somberness – and yours are great.

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