Dec 22

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Katie Couric: Olives are Delicious, but We Don’t Wear them on Our Rings



This is an interesting suit, with a bit of a military look to it. I’d love to see you in a more feminine style. The turtleneck dresses the suit down substantially; a scoop-neck top would look more professional. Also, those drab military colors don’t flatter your skin as much as others colors.

When it comes to color, think jewels and gemstones instead of food. Here, jade would have been more dynamic than olive.

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  1. Susan Wight

    I often think of You, Sandy, when I see Katie on TV! With as much money as they pay her, you’d think an image consultant would come with the package, or be affordable on her budget. Since I’ve ‘sat at Sandy Dumont’s feet’ to learn, watching almost anything has an added dimension!

  2. Aaron Stewart

    my favorite gemstone is none other than diamond. the most expensive and priceless gemstone ever.`*-

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