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Katie Couric- Plain Jane

Katie Couric

Feb. 26 – I’m getting depressed at how plain you look, when you can look so pretty. Those boring “daddy” jackets have got to go; or at least get a dynamic color like magenta or royal blue, so your face will pop. And if you choose safe jacket colors, at least wear them with a shell or blouse in a dramatic color that makes a bit of a statement. This outfit makes no statement and is downright blah.

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  1. stefania

    i agree sandy, she seems very dull overall. Seems like she’s afraid of showing her beauty, is this preventing her from being a ‘credible’ anchor? Don’t think so… I cannot understand why she wears these boring manstyle shirts.. this collar suffocates her top portion – the only visible – downplayng her image?!
    And her hairstyle is so ‘glued to the head’ that seems unnatural…I think she should go for a medium and layered mid-lenght.
    Given her natural coloring, tone-on-tone in the dusty blue and gray shades – jacket and shirt armani style – she would be super.

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