Apr 13

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Katie Couric: Power Earrings Anyone?

Katie Couric

Yes, Katie, this is a great color for you. Your skin looks so beautiful in purple! Ummm, how about some power earrings.

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  1. Cindy Brandon

    Can someone identify the earrings Katie is wearing tonight 1-27-10 Wednesday on the evening news?

  2. Sandy Dumont

    To be honest, Cindy, I saw the broadcast but didn’t notice her earrings because I was so taken aback by the somberness of her outfit. The black suit was okay, but the accompanying black blouse seemed to interfere. The whole effect was Katie drowning in black!

    I checked out her Web site photo for the 27th and it looks like she’s wearing a pair of hoops with some sort of embellishment. Better than the “invisible” little studs she usually wears, but still not as powerful or dynamic as a pair of chunky hoops would have been. It’s really okay to have a bold appearance for TV news! In fact, it’s more fitting than a demure look. Thanks for writing!

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