Feb 10

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Katie Couric, the devil’s in the details

Katie Couric NBC Evening News Anchor
Katie, that’s a great necklace on the right. One suggestion, choose a shell to wear under your suits that falls at least one inch lower – even two inches. If you look at the photo on the left, you’ll see that your neck looks much wider on the right, and that’s because there’s nearly a straight line from the suit jacket to the top of your shell, and this near-horizontal line suggests a wider neck. That’s why the “Hanes T-shirt” line is for men, never for women!

I love all the bolder earrings you’ve been wearing. Think about wearing bolder colors, too. Like jewel tones. Love that purple suit of yours!!

Another tip:  the rounded  cowl collar of the suit on the left tends to look a bit matronly compared to the snazzy peak collar of an Armani jacket, for example. Glad you teamed this jacket with a necklace. Think about adding really bold earrings to keep the attention on the face when you wear a drab color. You look so much prettier in jewel tones!

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  1. Ruby

    I like the steel grey suits on her. Add color to those wonderful suits with bigger, bolder, ethnic or earthy jewelry — think museum quality — very sophisticated.

  2. Sandy Dumont

    You are absolutely right. Grey is so passive it needs bold color somewhere or dynamic accessories that make a statement.

  3. Sandy Dumont

    These look too dark and somber.

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