Mar 23

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Katie Couric Washes Out

Katie Couric

Katie, you’ve got to get over those “understated” colors. They wash you out and make you look passive and powerless. Plus – how about some accessories to look more dynamic and “big city!”

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  1. stefania

    Sandy, this is really surprising… How comes that apparently NO ONE in Katie’s environment feels they should get the most from your comments and help her image really come forward? It’s so obvious that a few important changes would make this woman from looking ‘ordinary’ to looking ‘wow’, even for the news

  2. Sandy Dumont

    That’s what I’ve been hoping! I actually adore Katie, and that’s why I ping on her. She wouldn’t have had so much grief in her early days at CBS if she had looked the part.

    There are not many women in national anchor positions, and I’d sure like to see the ones we have really represent the rest of us women well.

    Any suggestion? Does anyone out there know Katie or how to reach her?

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