Apr 09

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Katie in Coral

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect comments on anchor lady Katie Couric dress

Coral and bright greens are irresistible after the long dismal winter. The trees are a bright Spring Green and the tulips are bright coral and the forsythia is a bright yellow. These colors signal that winter is over, and we can’t wait to get our hands on those colors, because they boost our spirits.

Katie, I’m certain you are in the category of colors that includes  the colors called jewel tones; so that means you will look better in fuchsia or magenta than in coral. Coral pales your skin a lot, and you might have noticed that you need more makeup when you wear it, because it causes “hot spots” on the face (and they highlight little furrows, etc.). When it comes to Spring Green, it will do the same thing; so you will look better in emerald green, a vibrant jade green – and the dark racing green in the winter.

You look lovely overall, but you will look ravishingly-beautiful in YOUR colors.

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