Jul 21

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Kim Kardashian – Color Tip

KimKREMINDER: ┬áThere are two colors that should never be worn together: ┬áred and yellow. It elicits a fast food image and isn’t terribly classy. The best color lipstick to wear when wearing yellow garments is a red violet. The blue undertones of the red-violet color harmonize with the yellow.

Only red-violet lipstick (or orchid tones) will work. Purple lipstick makes the teeth appear yellow, due to simultaneous contrast. It’s also downright scary looking at times.

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  1. Sandy Dumont

    Hi there Defying Gravity,
    You’re not the only one who looks hideous in yellow. Yellow goes with the golden blonde streaks in my hair, but it overwhelms me and also makes my skin look yellow. Kim’s makeup and her nearly black hair mitigates the harshness of the two colors, that’s a fact.

    The truth is, very few people look good in the buttercup yellow that Kim wears. It’s only because she has on such heavy pancake makeup that you don’t see her skin turn nearly the same color. That’s when red lipstick really looks awful.

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