Feb 08

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Kings of Leon: The Colors that Make These Rockers Pop


This handsome rock group cleaned up beautifully–both at and for the 52nd Grammy Awards–but they look a little gloomy for just having won Record of the Year.  It’s all that grey and black.  Nice suits, but no bold contrast, no dynamic colors to enhance their natural skin tones–though I will say that the man on the left is a step ahead with his French blue shirt.

A complimentary raspberry, royal blue or even bold yellow in the ties would have added some pop to these rockers.  Replacing the shirt in the tie-less black-on-black ensemble with yellow would have done the trick for that gentleman.

Gentlemen, when it comes to your own individual good looks, each one of you has “got it.”  Don’t be afraid to “flaunt it” by adding great color to your wardrobe!

By the way men, I’d love to hear it from you:  What holds you back when it comes to using color?

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