Jun 26

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Leaders or Followers? Why?

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Everyone is this photo is dressed safely, so as to not rock the boat. When you’re a true leader, you dress to make a statement about who you are. Your attire should shout confidence not caution.

The man on the left has strong body language and he wears an authoritative dark suit. However his tie is bland.

Who wears the most powerful tie? What about the woman’s attire?

George Bush wore a pastel blue tie on many occasions, but it not a power tie, nor will it ever be. Pastels convey passivity, so they have little or no power. They are primarily seen in the Deep South and at country clubs. Thus, the man on the far right isn’t the winner.

Neither are the other two men, since both their ties are quite blah. Ties talk, but these ties speak in a whisper. A man’s tie must make contrast with his shirt and tie. It must never blend into his garments. Otherwise, why bother to wear a tie.

Choosing the perfect tie is both an art and a science. The science has to do with color psychology, contrast factors, cultural preferences and basic color harmony. For example, in terms of color harmony, you simply wouldn’t want to wear a brown tie with a grey suit, or vice versa.

The art of choosing a tie has to do with taste, aesthetics and refinement. A man’s tie is meant to make a statement, not own the room. Thus, patterns should be discreet, but colors may be bold because of contrast factors.

Red will always be a power color, but the clever man discovers new “versions” of red that allow him to look powerful but also distinctive. Raspberry and magenta, for example, are derivatives or red, and they also contain a generous amount of purple. Both these colors were expensive to make in centuries past, so they always have a regal or classy connotation.

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