Mar 03

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MARCH – Ask THE Image Architect

You know I get a lot of emails asking me questions from “what should I wear to a special dinner or event?” to “what kind of material should I use in a presentation to Teenagers to make it fun and interactive?”

You would never believe how many people ask similar questions. I’m sure I have just as many readers who don’t write in who have the same questions as those who do write in.

So we’ve made it easy for everyone. Here is your chance to ask me anything semi-anonymously in a place where the answers can be seen by all. Hopefully this will help all those who have similar Image questions.

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  1. sonal

    Dear Sandy,
    I want to ask if it is possible to take a distance learning course from you.
    I am very keen to start a career as an Image consultant but do not have any reputed trainer or certifying body in my country(India).Please see if you can help me.

  2. stefania

    I’m also interested in distance learning if ever possible… I’m an image consultant, I know a step forward with your trainings would help me a lot

  3. Sandy Dumont

    Hi Sonal,
    I have had so many requests for a distance learning course that I am now in the process of creating one. However, you should know that the color portion of image consulting can only be done in a “hands on” manner, so in order to receive your certificate as a Total Image Consultant from my school, Impression Strategies Institute, you must come to the United States to take that portion of the course. I wil keep you informed about the distance course and when it becomes available.


  4. Sandy Dumont

    Stay tuned. I am working on the training manuals and other products right now!

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