Feb 05

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Maxwell at the Grammys: The Joy Behind His . . . Sunglasses?


Prior to the 52nd Grammy Awards, when asked how he felt about his six–count ’em, SIX–Grammy nominations, Maxwell let his eyes do some of the talking.  “It’s an incredible experience,” he said, and his eyes reflected a humble, sincere and hopeful spirit.  “It’s an honor that I can’t even express to you in words . . .

“If I won . . . I would be beyond joy . . .”


Then he won two Grammys!  And he seemed almost at a loss for words during his acceptance speech (who wouldn’t?).  But I’m sure there was an expression worth a million behind those dark glasses!  Only wish he would have shared.

I wanted to see “beyond joy” in this man’s eyes–the joy behind 13 years of hard work, integrity and determination having paid off in the bestowal of this great honor by those within his own industry.   Not only did Maxwell appear overwhelmed by the extraordinary moment, but he unfortunately appeared overwhelmed by his own attire–black suit, not much color or contrast in his shirt and tie combination, and a large pair of dark sunglasses–all working to further understate this handsome man’s otherwise dynamic, creative and now deeply overjoyed persona.  What a missed opportunity for viewers.

Your thoughts?

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