Feb 04

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Image of McCain vs Romney

After and Before

The frontrunners in the remaining Republican primaries are John McCain and Mitt Romney. Here’s how I see it. McCain will win because his image is better in one important detail. When it comes to image, the devil is in the details, and if you get one thing wrong, that’s all that is noticed and remembered – particularly when that one thing concerns the face. The problem? Romney’s eyebrows are dark and severe looking. On some occasions, it causes him to come across as mean looking. When he is smiling, it isn’t noticed as much, but it is difficult to smile non stop.In contrast, McCain comes across as a kindly person. However, McCain doesn’t have a consistent look and is sometimes seen in washed out shirts and ties, (see above), so in a crowd he doesn’t stand out. When in debate with Romney, however, and a comparison is made only between the two men, he has the edge because of the severity of Romney’s appearance.If McCain does go on to carry the banner for the Republic party, he’d better get an image consultant. We don’t need any more dressed-down “rapport” dressing. A leader needs to look strong reliable and powerful; like someone we can count on, not someone who is “just like us.” Think about it, do you want a parent who dresses for rapport and seems “just like you” – or do you want a parent who is “big and strong and will protect me?” As for Romney, if he wins, maybe he should still think about trimming his eyebrows just a tad.

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